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Various Artists - R&B Style 1964 - Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1964 LP

History Of Soul

Various Artists - R&B Style 1964 - Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1964 LP



Here’s a selection of cracking R&B instrumentals from 1964, with not a chart hit amongst them. There’s guitar-led rockers from the West Coast, with fiery picking from Johnny Talbot, Travis Wammack and Johnny Hartsman. LA also supplies sounds from keyboard maestros Gus Jenkins, and Ray Johnson and The Mixtures showcase the Wurlitzer electric on Jimmy McGriff’s The Last Minute. New York’s contributors are the Charlie Lucas Combo, The Jay-Hawks, Bill Doggett and the David Rockingham Trio, whose Soulful Chant was so nearly a hit for Jerry Blaine’s Josie Records. Doc Starkes & His Nite Riders were from New England and Smokey Johnson was New Orleans’s premier session drummer. There’s even a Canadian group, future comedian Tommy Chong’s first band, Little Daddy & The Bachelors. So there you have it - sixteen Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style from 1964.

Side One 1 Junior's Jerk - Little Daddy & The Bachelors 2 Watcha Wanna Do (Pt. 2) - Johnny Talbot 3 The Cricket - Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown 4 Soulful Chant - David Rockingham Trio 5 Kicker - Big Bill Doggett 6 Chittlins - Gus Jenkins 7 I've Been Thinking (Pt.2) - The Nite Riders 8 Sizzlin' - Johnny Hartsman.

Side Two 1 It Ain't My Fault (Pt.1) - Smokey Johnson 2 It Ain't My Fault (Pt.2) - Smokey Johnson 3 Fire Fly - Travis Wammack 4 Cozy Lounge Blues - Kid Thomas 5 Sherry’s Party - Ray Johnson 6 Creepin' - The Jay-Hawks 7 Walkin' - Charlie Lucas Combo 8 The Last Minute - The Mixtures

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