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Various Artists - Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1963

Rhythm And Blues

Various Artists - Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1963


Here's a selection of cracking instrumentals from 1963, none of which ever got so much as a sniff at the charts. It's mostly guitar-led rockers with fiery picking from Roy Buchanan and Jimmy Spruill and some early fuzzbox action from Lou Josie of the Ho-Dads. Up in New York, King Curtis is blowing out on the Rinkydinks (later adopted as the Soul Train theme). From Eastside, Los Angeles, The Mixtures try out their new Wurlitzer electric on the M. G.'s Chinese Checkers. There's Louisiana sounds from The Mighty Trojans and James Booker and over in the Mid-West, we've got Little Milton Meddlin' and Jimmy McCracklin Trottin'. So there you have it - fourteen Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style from 1963. Side One: 1 Trottin' - Jimmy McCracklin 2 Big Nick - James Booker 3 Honky - The Ho-Dads 4 Chinese Checkers - The Mixtures 5 Braggin' - Bob Moore & The Temps 6 The Hash - Johnny Otis 7 Ba Dada - Sam Kimble 8 Meddlin' - Little Milton Side Two: 1 Just About Daybreak - The Mighty Trojans 2 Ginger Snap - The Exotics 3 Hot Potato - The Rinkydinks 4 Back Slap - South St. Six 5 The Scratch - Long John Hunter 6 Cut And Dried - Wild Jimmy Spruill 7 Susie Q - Billy & The King Bees 8 Tension - The Nu-Trons

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