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Nico Niquo - In A Silent Way

Orange Milk

Nico Niquo - In A Silent Way


Astounding ambient synth compositions with tendencies towards intimate, close ASMR textures. Label says:

" Nico Niquo returns to Orange Milk with the synthetic ambient masterpiece In A Silent Way. The work contains slowly evolving compositions and sound meditations based around the palette of modern grime music minus the percussion. In the songs “Arbor Arco” and “He Loved Him Madly” the grime theme is most present, with droplets of synth and bass rising and melting to suggest invisible kick drums underneath. “Rendered” and “In A Silent Way” begin with simple arpeggios that build to intense climaxes, while closing track “Aa-m” is an almost ASMR-inducing meditation."


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