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Free Love - Luxury Hits

Luxury Hits

Free Love - Luxury Hits


"Luxury Hits" is an open-hearted love letter to possible futures. Trans-temporal projection through pop music for dancefloors. The music is about breaking through the limitations of our surroundings, not through escapism but defining a new reality on our own terms and breathing it into existence. 

The record is a tropical soup of sonic utopias - Balearic, acid, Italo, synthpop, psychedelia - served in the mercurial bowl of HERE AND NOW.

Free Love is the latest manifestation of Scottish duo Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook (FKA Happy Meals) - a continuation and progression of their utopian dance pop experiments released on Night School Records and Optimo which have seen them shortlist nominated for Scottish Album of the Year and performing across the globe. Touring across Europe supporting Liars and The Flaming Lips, and with festival shows as far as Austin, Moscow and Bangalore, the band have become notorious for their sensual live ceremonies. Using a table of all-hardware electronics, Free Love harness a charismatic chaos and unpredictable energy that sets them apart as one of the most exciting artists of 2018.

Landing somewhere between Andras Fox's Art Wilson output, Italians Do It Better and Mood Hut, there's a vacational, leisurely and charismatic spirit coursing through the album's veins; with complete songs delivering a mixed blend of emotions and moods. It's both accomplished and niave, childlike and empowering; whilst drenched in a late evening sun that's detached from the short, lightless days ahead on our shores - an album to take you out of the cold, baron UK Winter.

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