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Our top 10 of 2017

1. Richard Dawson - Peasant - Weird World

First time I played this record I knew it was my album of the year. It just had to be.
Bold & magical, Its such a beautiful listen and really feels unique.
No one can touch Dawson, his lyrics are incredible,his voice sublime, musically it feels like a medieval Wicker Man, I really love all of the choral work on the album.
Its an album that is as uplifting is it is bleak.
You need this album in your life.

2. Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens - Smalltown Supersound

Debut album of the year - Such a perfect album, saw her play to a tiny crowd in Rough Trade and that made me very sad. But looking at other end of year polls its great to see this getting the recognition it deserves, Can't wait to hear what Kelly does next.

3. James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits - Border Community

I hadn't been so hyped for an album in ages, Mainly because I felt that his previous album The Inheritors was suck a masterpiece, I was lucky enough to see him perform the album with Etienne Jaumet (in a concert that made me cry 3 times) so I was fairly certain that I was going to love this. Its such a ballsy move to release an album that was recorded in one take but it really works, can't wait to see him play next week.


4. Aldous Harding - Party - 4AD

Another surprise record to me and another record that has taken over my life. Such an incredible album, if I had to listen to the track "Horizon" on repeat for the rest of my life I really wouldn't mind. This record has really touched me. 

5. John Maus - Screen Dreams - Ribbon 

Some records take you by surprise, I hadn't played this record when it came out until Joe (Bear Tree Records) told me it was really good. I feel in love with it in about 10 seconds. Its stuck in my head all the time and its driving me insane...I'm constantly singing "Your pets are gonna die" to my Cat, which can't be right. On plays alone this should be No.1 really as its constantly on in the shop.

6. Sparks - Hippopotamus - BMG

Its so refreshing and inspirational that Sparks are still making albums, it made me so happy that not only have they made a great album, they have actually made one of their best albums. Their Rock City gig could be one of the best gigs I've been to, they were having so much fun. Great record, great band, Long live Sparks!

7. Happy Meals - Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volumes IV - VI - So Low / Optimo Music

Some Records are so perfect and exactly what that you want to hear, its like Happy Meals have tapped into my brain. I'd love to do Yoga with them one day. My biggest regret is not going to that 12 hour concert they put together. Love this record so much.

8. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness - Basin Rock

Probably the earliest release of 2017 on my list, I got pretty obsessed with this album and was on about 3 plays a day for a couple of months, revisiting this when I put my list together and its just as breathtaking as the first time I heard it.

9. Alessandro Cortini - Avanti - Point Of Departure 

This album blew me away - Its so beautiful and out of anything I have played in the shop this year, this is the one that most people ask what is playing.


10. Duds Of A Nature Of Degree - Castle Face 

Its safe to say that I love this band, I've put them on twice this year and their performance a couple of weeks ago totally summed up what I love about them. Its a short blast of energy of an album - no fat, just pure Post-punk perfection.


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